K – High Performance: exceed all expectation



K – High Performance is the registered trademark which identifies a range of products imagined, designed and created with the aim of exceeding the expectations; an ambitious product range, made for ambitious people.

A new user experience, which goes beyond expectations in every phase of the product’s life, from its design to after-sales, is what we offer with the spindles of this new premium product line.

The electrospindles of the K series are in fact distinguished by numerous special features that range from the quality of the material to that of the processing and treatments of their components, from the manufacturing tolerances to the solutions to simplify assembly in the machine and to secure high-speed machining.

in order for the experience to be truly unique, we have formed a special team (the K – Team) dedicated to taking care of customer who share with us the ambition to always do better.

K – High Performance experience includes different models of electrospindles that can be purchased in customizable kits, to be completed with toolholders, wrenches, collets, power and signal cables, etc. … to be ready to start immediately.

Discover the experience: https://khighperformance.com/

Reading: K – High Performance: exceed all expectation

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