Specialized metalworker



Professional training course


The course aims to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to operate CNC machines. The professional figure exiting the program will be that of a CNC machine operator who will be able to perform, using computer numerical control machines, machining, construction, assembly, or revision of mechanical parts. At the end of the training program, potential employment opportunities in a company will be evaluated.


The course, aimed at candidates on a work assignment through a labor agency, enrolled and selected by a Work Agency, is promoted by Umana, financed by the Forma.Temp Fund (www.formatemp.it), and therefore completely free for candidates who pass the selections. The implementing body for the course is Umana Forma. The candidates’ resumes will be forwarded to the branches of the UMANA Work Agency in the course area. At the end of the course, an attendance certificate will be acquired.

The certification is obtained upon achieving the training objectives set by the fund’s regulations, with a minimum participation of 70% of the total hours, including mandatory modules on general health and safety, and the rights and duties of workers on assignment, if applicable. Information regarding the protection of personal data provided in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 is available on the website www.umanaforma.it.

Location and duration

Teknomotor Srl



Module 1: General Safety according to the State-Regions Agreement of 21/12/11 and 07/07/16 (4 h)
Module 2: Rights and Duties of Temporary Workers (4 h)
Module 3: Theory for CNC Operator (48 h)
Module 4: Practice on Computer Numerical Control Machines (24 h)


• Excellent knowledge of the Italian language
• Good willingness and strong motivation to learn technical concepts on mechanical processes and quality
• Passion for mechanics

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