About us

Founded in 1983 Teknomotor S.r.l. has for over 25 years designed and developed electric motors and electrospindles for mechanical applications.

As a constant growing Company, Teknomotor S.r.l. is currently engaged on worldwide market as supplier of important Companies specialized in the construction of machinery for the working of wood, PVC and aluminium.

The established headquarters in Quero (BL) Italy, was recently enlarged with a new building dedicated exclusively to the assembly and final test of the motors. All the production phases use, at every stage, advanced technologies to ensure maximum quality, such as the CAD-CAM design software, machine tool with numeric control and computerized trials.
LThe mechanical operations are carried out internally, in order to guarantee a constant control of the productive process and a high level of flexibility, which allows both large and small commissions to be fulfilled.

A careful selection of external suppliers, commercial partners, is made in order to guarantee an high quality product without defects.

From its birth Teknomotor S.r.l. has distinguished it self for the courtesy it shows its clients and for the commitment it has to develop new solutions in close collaboration with the buyer.