• QTC 5160-HSK40C Series

    General data

    The electrospindle 5160 SERIES are designed to generate high power with a limited overall dimensions. These characteristics, combined with the high rotational speed, making them ideal for use on machines for working wood, aluminum and PVC. 5160 SERIES: from 6,000 to 18,000 rpm when the load is radial and axial.

  • Technical characteristics

    • Stator:

      three-phase induction motor, insulation class F

    • Rotor:

      cast squirrel cage

    • Frame:

      closed frame is obtained from an extruded aluminum bar

    • Ventilation:

      shaft driven fan cooling

    • Protection:


    • Balancing:

      according to ISO 1940: balancing grade 2.5. For special applications we can supply motors balanced with lower grades.

  • Tipo Potenza kW
    Tensione V
    Freq. Hz rpm Assorb. A Peso kg
    5160-D 2.2
    220/380 100 6000 9.9/5.7 13.5
    5160-D 6.0 220/380 300 18000 21.8/12.6 13.5