A wide range of solutions For a wide range of industries

CNC Machines & Routers

Windows, doors, frames, hulls, automotive, eyewear, sailing, art, wood, aluminum, pvc, composites, … .
Our spindles for grinding, milling and drilling are ever performing, durable, precise and are the ideal solution for large CNC machines as well as for desktop routers.

For the big industry
aND for the craftman

For mass production
aND for special projects

ever the Same Uncompromised

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Spindles for CNC Machine and Router Applications

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Talking with the world

Our electrospindles have reached every corner of the world: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Oceania, Africa.
They work with the same quality and reliability in a very wide range of different sectors, projects, materials.
Different languages, different needs, different cultures, different industries.
The same uncompromised quality.

Answers to your needs

High-frequency motors, manual tool change, quick tool change and automatic tool change electrospindles complete our catalog of innovative and tailor-made solutions for industry and craftman shops.

What's inside is what moves us.

Our electrospindles are the heart of your machine.
We know this and for this reason we design and manufacture electrospindles you can ever rely on for the realization of your projects.


Our electrospindles are born from listening to our customers.
It is the real understanding of your needs that constantly pushes our research and development to improve them.
Our doors are open: we are ready to listen to you and accompany you into the future.

Why settle?

Plug-in them and forget them.
Our electrospindles are the ideal and simplest solution to take your machines to the next level.
Their unique performance and reliability will accelerate the growth of your business, elevate the quality of your projects and fulfill your ambition.
Don’t your work and time deserve the best?

We know them

To guarantee accuracy, precision, durability and reliability of our electrospindles over time, we manufacture all their components in-house and we subject them to continuous quality control checks with strict testing parameters.
We use the best materials, the best technologies, the most advanced processes.
We know our spindles one by one.


Spindles for

Wood Materials


Spindles for

Aluminum Materials


Spindles for

PVC Materials


Spindles for

Composite Materials