The right tools for your robotic arm

Robotic Applications

Our electrospindles are designed to be integrated into robotic processing and finishing to improve flexibility, reliability and to speed up the production.
The smart solution for your industry.

easy integration


Human innovation

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Spindles for Robotic Applications and Automations

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We manage the entire design and manufacturing
process internally and directly.
Each component of our electrospindles is
manufactured and assembled by the expert hands
of our operators and technicians and goes through
an intense quality control process that guarantees
full reliability.


Tailored for your needs

Improved dynamics, reduced payloads, velocity, precision, reliability, …
Our spindles are designed to be easily integrated in your projects and maximize performance.

Nothing left to chance

The care with which we design and manufacture our electrospindles translates into the uncompromising accuracy and repeatability they are able to guarantee.
Nothing is left to chance in their development.

The challenge

Human and robot work together
to shape the future.
Our electrospindles are extension
of your hand, a tool to carry out
your most challenging projects.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

What is the value of customization and partnership?
We are always ready to work by your side.

Passionate about
your projects.

Your project is our project.
We are ready to face with you the challenges you encounter every day in your work.
The passion and ambition that move you are our own passion and ambition.



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For Composite Materials