Whistleblowing – Internal reporting channel

Employees, third parties and in general all stakeholders who have relationships or carry out activities with TEKNOMOTOR SRL can transmit to the company:

  • detailed reports of illegal conduct, based on precise and consistent factual elements, of which they became aware due to the functions performed or relationships with the Company;
  • acts, behaviors or events that may lead to the commission of illicit acts, or in any case the violation of rules, regulations and other legal provisions or provisions of the competent authorities;
  • any other violation of company procedures or regulations

To transmit reports it is possible to:

  • send a letter by post to be addressed to the “Internal Whistleblowing Channel Manager” at the TEKNOMOTOR SRL address with the indication “CONFIDENTIAL”; in this case, to guarantee confidentiality, it is necessary that the report is contained in a first closed envelope contained in a second envelope containing the reporting person’s identification data together with a photocopy of the identification document;
  • use the internal “Whistleblowing” reporting channel which allows reports to be transmitted with the guarantee of confidentiality regarding the identity of the reporter and is managed through a platform independent of the Company’s IT systems https://teknomotorsrl.segnalazioni.net/

To the Reporter an external reporting channel managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) is guaranteed also, to be used when the report via the internal channel has not been followed up, when the Reporter has reasonable grounds to believe that there may be a risk of retaliation or that there may be an imminent and obvious danger to the public interest.